The Pros And Cons Of DIY and Professional Android Screen Repair

Cracks on your Android screen are almost inevitable. Many people end up making an insurance claim and getting a new phone. However, the insurance deductible for a replacement phone can often cost over $100. If your phone is working just fine except for the screen, you should repair the screen instead. Not only is screen repair much cheaper, it also enables you to resell your phone later on. You typically have two different options when it comes to screen repair: DIY kits or professional repair. This article explains the pros and cons of both options.

DIY Kits

DIY phone repair kits have everything you need for screen replacement. They include the screen, replacement screws, tiny screwdrivers and whatever tools are need for the removal of your specific screen. However, you need to buy the kit for your exact phone. For instance, a Galaxy S5 kit will not work on a Galaxy S6. Even if the screen is the same, the mounting system on two different models might vary. DIY kits come with detailed kits or even internet links to instructional videos. These instructions always make the job look easier than it really is. Working with the tiny components is tricky, especially if you don't have great vision. Also, if you drop a screw on the floor and lose it, you might not be able to complete the job. You will be without a phone until a replacement comes in the mail. In conclusion, DIY screen repair kits are probably only practical if you have patience and plenty of free time to complete the job.

Professional Repair

Professional screen repair is definitely the way to go if you need your phone fixed ASAP. You don't need to wait for the parts to be delivered to your home to start the job. Many malls have kiosks that will make screen repairs on site. The wait time usually depends on if they have your screen in stock. For the quickest repairs, call before to ensure they have your screen. Professionals will guarantee their work and they are able to do the job very quickly because they have all the tools and an efficient workstation. Of course, professional repair will ultimately cost more, but it is still worth it to people who don't want to waste their time trying to figure out how to take apart a phone.

In the end, you need to be aware that most third-party android repairs end up voiding your phone warranty and insurance policy. But they are an affordable and quick way to get your phone up and running again.